Shipping Policy for Champion Shipping & Brokers™

Last Updated July 1st, 2021

Champion Shipping & Brokers™ Regulation

Bahamas customs requires invoices for all imported goods in order to determine their value and duty. All invoices must be legible and cost-itemized. Even if the goods have been used, they must still be accompanied by an itemized cost invoice in order to be cleared by customs. Invoices should be emailed to invoices@shipsmart242.com.

Shipsmart can clear goods on your behalf if you give them permission to act as your agent. As a result, Bahamas Customs requires us to obtain a completed Bahamas Customs Form C 44 from you, as well as a copy of your government ID.

Do NOT Alter

DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES TO YOUR RECEIPTS. The billing process will be delayed as a result of this.

If you’re shipping a DRONE

You must register with the Aviation Department if you are shipping a DRONE. This is a quick and simple process; please register by visiting

Hazardous, Illegal & Prohibited Items

Check with us first to see if we allow you to ship an item to your US address. Check out the list of dangerous, illegal, and prohibited items below. You must also ensure that the importation of your item complies with all applicable laws. Failure to comply will result in legal consequences.

“Do Not Ship” list:

If you need any additional information please feel free to visit Bahams Customs.

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